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Colorado Parks & Wildlife Commissioners

 These are the people who can easily repeal the regulation if they become 

motivated by you!

If you write these people and they disrespect you by sending you a 

boiler-plate response - do not accept it!  Write them again and tell 

them how you do not appreciate being treated like a number and 

given a robotic response!

John W Singletary - Chair

729 Sun Mesa Dr

Pueblo, CO 81006-9480




(719) 948-3901

William G Kane – Vice Chair

135 Riverside Dr

Basalt, CO 81621-9261




(970) 927-8232

Kenneth M Smith - Secretary

7222 County Road 53

Center, CO 81125-9365




(719) 754-3560

Robert W Bray

PO Box 65

Redvale, CO 81431-65




(970) 327-4779

Christopher J Castilian

4115 Perry St

Denver, CO 80212-2152




(303) 458-6191

Jeanne E Horne

2036 RBC Road #43

Meeker, CO 81641




(970) 878-0662 or 1-800-230-4868

Gaspar Perricone

1850 Bassett St, Apt 303

Denver, CO 80202-1049




(970) 846-0669

James C Pribyl


805 16th St

Boulder, CO 80302-7627




(303) 444-3205

James V Vigil Jr

27450 State Highway 12

Trinidad, CO 81082-9558




(719) 845-0890

Robert D Wingfield

24831 County Road 22

Vernon, CO 80755-9619




(970) 332-5471

Michelle Zimmerman

47 Tassels Loop

Breckenridge, CO 80424-8814




(303) 881-3087

 John Salazar

Department of Agriculture         
700 Kipling Street, Suite 4000                   
Lakewood, CO 80215  


(303) 239-4104

E-mail: john.salazar@ag.state.co.us


Rick D Cables - Director (Colorado Parks & Wildlife)

This is the head of the agency that wrote the regulation - let him know what you think!

Rick Cables

7363 Cortez Ln

Boulder, CO 80303-4908


(303) 554-5710


Colorado Parks and Wildlife
1313 Sherman, Suite 618
Denver, CO 80203


Phone: (303) 866-3437


E-mail: rick.cables@state.co.us


CO Governor

This Governor appointed these commissioners - and can motivate them to 

respond to your concerns!

John Hickenlooper:

John W Hickenlooper, Governor
136 State Capitol
Denver, CO 80203-1792

(303) 866-2471

Link to share your opinion: http://www.colorado.gov/govhdir/requests/opinion.html

CO State Attorney:

This office can intervene on a legal basis to clarify how the regulation goes against state law!

John W Suthers

General contact information:

1525 Sherman St.
Denver, Colorado 80203




COLORADO PARKS & WILDLIFE       Facebook  Page



Tell the people on this facebook page how concerned you are!

Talking Points:

1. Colorado State Law and Colorado Parks & Wildlife regulations both define a 
Sanctuary as "[A] place of refuge… for abused, neglected, unwanted, impounded, 
abandoned, orphaned, or displaced wildlife for their lifetime."

2. There is no earthly reason why the CO Parks & Wildlife should care if the 
Sanctuary rescues a wild caught bear versus a captive born bear (or any 
other wildlife for that matter).

3. California Fish & Game are expected to say Meatball will not be 
coming to Colorado anymore - as that makes perfect sense given the 
Colorado regulation remains in place.  This is why the regulation needs 
to be repealed.

4. The Attorney General's Office and the Executive Director of 
The Wild Animal Sanctuary attended the recent Colorado Parks 
and Wildlife Commission  and presented them with this issue - but 
they chose not to do anything about it. They are the ones who should 
have investigated the regulation and reviewed its purpose.  They chose not to.

5. No other Licenses issued by the CO Parks & Wildlife (like Commercial Parks 
Licenses or Zoological Licenses) have regulations forbidding them from 
taking in wild animals - so why are Sanctuaries being persecuted?

6. Meatball deserves to live in the best place possible - and The Wild Animal 
Sanctuary is the only Sanctuary in the country that has large 20-acre natural 
habitats for bears to live and roam freely in.

7. Let them know you value the life of these animals and this regulation 
only serves to kill more bears.

Dear Commissioners, Governor Hickenlooper and Attorney General Suthers,

I am writing you today because I am very concerned about a regulation that The Colorado Parks and Wildlife has in place.  This regulation – Chapter 11 - #1104 C (5) – prevents Wildlife Sanctuaries from rescuing animals that have come from the wild, and I feel this is wrong.

There is no reason why a non-profit wildlife sanctuary should not rescue any animal in need, especially if they are licensed and equipped to do so.  The Wild Animal Sanctuary is capable of rescuing and caring for many native species – including Black Bears – and there is no reason why they could not care for a wild-born bear any differently than a captive born bear.

The regulation is not applied to any other of the license types, such as commercial parks or zoological facilities, so why would you only apply it to sanctuaries?  This regulation goes against the very definition of a wildlife sanctuary and should be repealed immediately.

Do not try to avoid addressing this issue by saying California is going to keep the bear – as there is no reason not to address the issue.  It makes perfect sense that California Fish & Game will say they are no longer sending Meatball to Colorado, as they are expected to say that as long as you keep the regulation in place.  The issue here is that Meatball and others like him have the right to live and be cared for in Colorado just as much as they do in any state. 

Also, do not try to tell me the Wildlife Commission has a ”citizen’s petition” process where we can ask to present this issue to the Commissioners – as both the Attorney General’s Office, and The Wild Animal Sanctuary attended your most recent Commission meeting and presented the issue to the Commissioners.  All of the Commissioners including the Parks and Wildlife Director chose to ignore the issue and do nothing.

California, Colorado and every other state in the country find themselves in situations from time to time where they choose to spare the life of a wild animal due to public interest or other concerns, so in these rare cases, it should be perfectly fine for any Sanctuary – including the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado – to give that animal a loving and caring home.

The issue at hand has to do with animal welfare and human compassion, not whether one state or another should take care of their own business.  If a non-profit animal sanctuary is willing to help save an animal’s life, it is their right, and the public’s right to intervene and help that animal.

I am very concerned about this situation and would like you to address it as soon as possible, as there is a bear’s life hanging in the balance.  Please consider the public’s wishes and take action to remove the regulation today. 

Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.

Help Save Wildlife
What is important to note is the Law is the LAW and the Regulation 
is just a rule.  These are two vastly different things!

The state Law was put into place before the regulation was ever created - 
and is what dictates what the Parks and Wildlife Commission should, or
should not do.

The Parks and Wildlife Commission adopted this regulation totally out 
of context - and it can be repealed or modified very easily.  

Regulations are just guiding statements that are nowhere near the 
level of a state law!

It is not against the law for a Sanctuary to rescue a wild animal.  

Only a simple regulation stands between animals living or dying!